No, if you ask this question.

But I want to receive Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency.

Piece of cake. There are dozens of web wallets – register on one of them. Mind to keep your keys secret and safe. Then just copy-paste your wallet address on your payment page somewhere notable – and get your dues.

I don’t really trust third party services.

Therefore install an open source wallet for your service and configure it.  This will consume 130+ Gb of free space (yet there are ways to reduce this demand) on your hard drive. Not so much nowadays, so spend some time and effort, or call guys such as us to do it in your stead! Then, again, just copy-paste your wallet address on your page somewhere notable – and get your dues.

Okay then, when do I need it?

Ah, good question! Make it another: is there sharing of knowledge of transactions involved? If not – you do not need a blockchain. The tech lets many people know about the data and control its sharing, not just share away for it to be changed by one person or everyone. If you can’t think a situation where you need to show every record or transaction (and it’s not necessary a payment case) to participants, you do not need a blockchain. I repeat, you do not need a blockchain if there is no crowd involved.

This list of cases could give you some insights:

  • Distributed cloud storage;
  • Digital voting;
  • Decentralized notary;
  • Tokenization of any asset;

Just give me a sample of good use!

Electronic auctioning of civil services or health care program, where anyone should have access to viewing participants and their bids to be sure everything is clean and nice. Anything governmental looks good, e.g. Dubai Blockchain Strategy or Ukrainian e-Auction 3.0 decentralised system for state property privatisation and lease.

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