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Ukrainian brains work and go on the offensive. At the World Mathematical Olympiad, we ranked 14th among 111 participating countries. From the standpoint of statistics, this is a good indicator, which is normal for our teams, although in 2014 it even reached 6th place. Who has interest in results for Ukraine for all years of participation, see here: [1].

Ukrainian standing by years
Ukrainian standing by years

Who are our main competitors? Let’s summarize the results. 1st place was taken by South Korea, 2nd China, 3rd Vietnam, 4th US, 5th Iran, 6th Japan, 7th Singapore and Thailand, 9th divided between the United Kingdom and Taiwan, the 11th occupied by the Russian Federation, the 12th – Greece and Georgia, on the 14th, with us, the Czech Republic (8th, 10th, 13th was not given to anyone).

That is, it can be said that some countries have got ahead due to the ancient contribution to mathematics, but it will be a joke. It is better to seriously distinguish “oriental tigers”, except for the alleged US and WB – Asia, having tasted the western way of life, had created a thunder mixture of different approaches to science, in particular the foundation of the foundations – mathematics. Read more here [2].

A number of other victories in recent years have confirmations. The girl team in April of the same year bypassed 1 point of rivals from the Russian Federation and took first place at the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) [3]. In 2016, the place was the sixth [4], in 2015 it was also the first in the team score [5].

The level of primary mathematical and scientific education in the state as a whole is closely monitored and will be evaluated by the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) program in 2018. At the moment, our fluctuations between the 28th and 45th places are 65-70 possible, and the conversion of scientific knowledge into economic achievements should be kept no lower than 35th [6].

For the development of the industry, efforts are being made not only by the statesmen, but also by various projects, for example, “Pro.Svit” [7], which aims to improve the skills of teachers.

“Know, read, and learn the stranger, and do not be afraid of your own”, – these words of Taras Grigorovich, as ever, are relevant. Considering that we are good at keeping up and moving up, we should support domestic botanists (for example, becoming their ranks), and make math as popular in the country as sports.


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