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As we’ve told you before, Ukraine has long been a rich soil for outsource: many boys and girls, as soon as they got their hands on computers, even since their school years, have been digging in computer wisdom. And now, in the eye of the crisis, caused by war, there are still many young people who not only dream of creating a company, but do it.

We want to share with you some of the names of our choice. These companies are offering new and reliable products, that are demanded worldwide. Not only they were Ukrainian startups once upon a time, which had grown really big, but they show some great expectations for near future.

Today’s Hot topic #1: Looksery

Recently $150 million were paid for startup from Odesa [1] (this peoject is considered by one neighbouring country by its own for some reason [2], although founder’s residence is in USA [3] – maybe, it’s his education what makes suggest so?). Team went all no comment, but some light was spilled on the affair by another publication [4] – check out yourself, how two national Forbes offices differ in their reviews. At the least, all sources agree on sum. And the money were paid for the technology, and not for the vast audience.

Looksery app – the purchase – makes you look chosen way as you speak on video chat – you could enhance your own visage or even look like an alien, due analytic patterns of software that renders some portrait on you dynamically. Being a teenager audience thing, it was not overlooked by Snapchat, a US messenger system.

It all began with Kickstarter, you know, and development team had just wanted to raise $30.000. This amount was topped with 16.000 by set date, and then, popularity plummeted [4].

Looksery makes you chat as a lizard

Making iPhone a book: Readdle

Readdle success story dates back to August 1 of 2007, when four aspiring developers [5] [6], already skilled in making apps for PDAs, put their stakes on newly presented iPhone. And the eponymous app became THE reader for this new device. In several next years, Readdle hit million downloads and presented next app. So on, and on and on, and now this company celebrates 8 years and more than 40 million downloads for all their apps. Number of products for today is eight and number of team members is about 80 [5]. Their strong point was mass business apps, and it remains so as their CEO prognoses apps becoming smarter in next several years [6], like putting appointments in your calendar without you even noticing that. And then, replacing you at your job by a script *evil mechanical laughter*.

Readdle showcase today

Robot, play with my cat: Petcube

Petсube, the leader of journalist top-ten of Ukrainian startups [7] is a funny device that somehow marks our era of domestic animal celebrities: it both plays with your pet and streams its games online. Invented by a Kyiv engineer, who became founder and CTO of his own company, just to watch over his lonely pet while owner is working, this immobile robot had become a hit. From one “assembled on the knee” prototype to a biggest (so far) Kickstarter campaign among Ukrainian IT startups [8] – namely $251.000 of $100.000 asked – which got to Chinese manufacturing line through chain of adventures, like living on low incomes instead of high salaries, or witnessing their contractor arrested and his factory closed[9]. That’s how brave and smart children of Ukraine show that even learning hieroglyphs can’t be an obstacle if you have your aim marked high. Actually, there is a really detailed interview (in Russian) for those of us who dares to oversee their production in China [9] – useful to know even in case of national labour usage. Maybe in near future YouTube would be flooded with homemade real-time shows of cats and dogs playing with laser dots? Without any human around. Note me ominously winking at you.

First party of Petcubes awaits to dominate mank… er, play with pets

Way out of mess: Casual PM

Casual Project Management is new planning app that makes you run your projects, well, casual like [10]. That is, as easy as breathing. Which is good for startups, garage corporations, outsource companies and NGOs, for example. Among its main advantages – replacing GANTT charts for simple and mediocre projects [11]. There was only 2 developers and a marketologist at the start of this daring company, for now, we can’t say for sure how big they are, but we’re closely watching on them.

Sketch explanation of how Casual PM looks and works


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