Nudity for Science





Italy is known for its love for, well, love, especially in sensual meaning, but its citizens so not stop to amaze. This time, Italians bring forward a Tumblr-based blog “Tette per la Scienza” (literally, tits for science), aimed to broadcast knowledge with help of naked ladies. Their motto is “Where Reason fails, Breasts don’t”, seemingly, a reference to modern cult of female body, specifically, naked, specifically, breasts.

But, do not yet haste to brand this blog as narrow-minded, they have butts, too, and male torsos as well.

System works pretty simple: you propose news (some researched fact, like, from Wikipedia, or something really new you’d like world to know – something of pressing importance) and put together with it your photo while holding a sign with the title or statement regarding your issue. And, you better be a woman. On the other hand, you still could wear a bra or cover your nipples if not feeling that exhibitionist, or show off your hind parts in pretty panties, using them as the medium for scientific data.

Some of proposed facts are just random curious data, like Maxwell’s equations, which led in their time to me writing this text for you using computer and not linotype machine. Other is urgent message like stopping some locally famous radio star from promoting pseudo-scientific advices onvegetarian feeding. Yet another is an advertising of upcoming scientific fair or some event.

Does it work better than without erotic stimulation? See for yourself. And now, the pictures.

The vivisection (living being autopsy) is illegal in Italy since 1992
“Do not trust the words” – motto of British Science Academy
Fabio Volo (local radio DJ), stop saying crap!
These games are accidentaly able to pass Turing test
Maxwell laws

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