Open Source Developer Toolbox #1

Open Source world is blooming. It grows larger every day, adding new services ready for everyone to use. Marvelous samples of what was built with open source and now commercialized, inspire others to engage in their own start-ups. As there was a fashion to create “homepages” many years ago, it seems that new trend is to be a web entrepreneur even if this means going solo at first steps… but anyone willing is now able to find a team or code examples, or run a small project by himself.

Here goes our first suggested toolbox for this.

Taiga.ioagile project management site with light, intuitive design, fit even for startups and solo entrepreneurs. It provides tracking persons responsive for parts of project, tasks and timing. In near future developers promise a feature of publishing your projects as examples for others – and thus getting ability to view others’ work as examples for yourself.

GitLab – claims to rival GitHub in field of project repositories by being free and unlimited. The idea is obvious: to store own projects and see doings of others.

Sentry – “Shit happens — Be on top of it.” Such is the motto of this bug and error tracking resource. By tagging error messages in your project with referrals to this software, you are being able to collect data on events of malfunction in accessible data entities. Java, JS, PHP, Ruby, Python are supported.

OroCRM – a resource that enables you to manage customer data coming from different sources, put it into comprehensive reports without need to track separate sites, where customers are.

Jitsi – an audio/video Internet phone and instant messenger written in Java. It supports some of the most popular instant messaging and telephony protocols such as SIP, Jabber/XMPP (and hence Facebook and Google Talk), AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger.

Roundcube – a free and open source webmail solution with a desktop-like user interface which is easy to install/configure and that runs on a standard LAMPP server. The skins use the latest web standards to render a functional and customizable UI.

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