Is there a rival to Java domination?

There is an interesting survey of modern programming language popularity [1], that we’d like to share with you. By comparing data for Open Source projects on GitHub and job statistics outside it (GitHut, RedMont, Jobs Tractor, TIOBE Index) there has been revealed a common tendency where first places are taken by Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python and C/C++. This is especially true for GitHub [2]. Other popularly demanded skills include Ruby, SQL, CSS, Objective-C. As to the latter, there is an expert prediction that it’s likely to be exchanged by Apple’s Swift[3]. As of whole, there is data of no less than 49 languages used on GitHub [2], just so you’d know, but percentage of active use is considerably smaller. Maybe, those are just some curious enthusiasts, while it seems that for real job leaders are defined. And, by trends of last three years, they are quite the same [1], with Java taking Open Source realm, and C holding position in official one [3].

Of course, an Internet survey is by no means a holy book to follow, it just points out that it’s better to use widely known and developed language if you want to have a ready basis of code for you project. On the other hand, it shows where market is overfilled with propositions, and if you want to distinguish yourself by some exotic language use, you are free to choose from many.

There is only one way to know, would you succeed or not – go ahead, and do something, try something small, and then grow. That’s where we agree with author of survey.

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