General Entrepreneur’s Creative Kit

War never changes. Commerce and business at all, pretty much, never changes, too. In both cases, we see new tools and new points of usage, but they reflect the same idea in every age. And the idea of commerce is about reaching as many people as it is possible with your quality product.

Consider the Wasteland, a collective human desire of happiness. If you care to build a source to fulfill that desire, a high-tech place for all those who do not want to find their happiness in huts, made of debris – what would be your creative kit for that?

Now, simply speaking, here are the virtual means of telling potential millions of people you haven’t even met about how you would make their life better.

Web-site showcase

If you need a site to spread your wisdom, to keep in touch with your clientele, we strongly advise WordPress because a full-scale site could be developed in a day! This service has explicit guides and would help even those unversed in ways of the Web.
Hint: by using ready templates one could boost own site to challenge experienced rivals in no time. Try Templatemonster.


If you sell something to fellow vault-dwellers, that is, ship goods to customers, you’d need to set up an e-store. We recommend Magento for all smal businesses.Big community and great open-source (based upon Zend PHP) functionality offer possibilities of customization up to changing needs of e-commerce.


In any of these cases, when need arises to sort out your clients, you’ll need a CMS, and heavy-duty Web-portal Drupal would handle the high loads; it’s neatly optimized and could support ngnix.

Enterprise software

Should you want to develop your own enterprise applications (for example, logistics system for a small warehouse), choose Java. It is opensource, which means no license payments and super expensive support in comparison with the next near enterprise technology. That is why there are dozens of outsource companies and solo entrepreneurs specialized on Java stack.

Minimal Value Product

Since we’ve mentioned Zend, you could use it yourself to build applications for start-ups, when everything should be tested first: PHP with some MVC framework (Zend, Yii, etc). Open-source? Yes. Popular? Definitely. These could be a pillar stone in your minimum viable product enterprise – that is, give most for less risk of money while bootstrapping.

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