Ukrainian code: Fuel the Fire

London is the capital of Great Britain. Chicago is the Windy City of gangsters. Kyiv is the city of chestnuts.

Aw, really? How about Kyiv the city of Revolutions? The heart of riot against crumbling system in the whirl of crisis and war strives to beat in the rhythm of future arriving. And this future (as you could’ve read before – see below) is not only possible, but depends on reliability of every person, so to say, throwing tires and cocktails into the fire. With aim at taking unordinary and risky tasks, we could share risks with investors, unsure if they are willing to give their money to the land of Maidan.

The spirit of this revolution and the idea of outsourcing are quite close in what relates to common effort for the cause of better life – an effort of people who understand their unity and necessity of action.

Even before the ‪#‎Euromaidan‬ there were highly positive, if not amazed, predictions on growing Ukraine’s IT outsource. And not only but local analysts [1], but foreign as well, which is more important [2], [3] – since it’s YOUR fuel for our fire we need as well, dear Europeans and Americans. These forecasts show sudden appearance of Lviv as 91th world city for IT outsourcing [3]. Strangely, though, it remains sole one even in 2014 reports, when Ukrainian data shows Kyiv being bigger programming hub, and four more points of importance, such as Kharkiv or Dnipropetrovsk [1]. That could be explained by the simple bitter fact.

You ready? Drum roll.

software development outsourcing companies_500x225

That could lead only to one conclusion: almost all our IT-market is still internal! With slowly moving computerization, and use of old-school on-premise systems instead of cloud- and software-as-a-service solutions, all the vast potential is turned inside the crisis-bound country.

While money are left outside. And, maybe I’m not far from truth that we are allowed only a small share of these money for same tasks and Indian programmers – for the same reason of being internal.

So, bring some fuel and toss it into the flames of outsourcing revolution!

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